What Your Refrigerator Says About You

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People say that the eyes are the window to the soul, but it appears that the refrigerator may be a close second. Forget about online personality tests and quizzes. If you really want to know more about a person, just take a look inside their fridge!

What your fridge says about you

You might be surprised how much you can learn about someone by just taking a peek at their refrigerator contents. But internetainers Rhett & Link have it all figured out… Rhett & Link are not the only ones that have discovered that refrigerators are more interesting than you might think. Photographer Mark Menjivar created a collection of refrigerator photos for his collection “You Are What You Eat”. Menjivar spent 4 years on the project, photographing more than 60 fridges throughout the United States. His intriguing collection has been displayed in museums and universities across the US. “I approached it as a portrait project, so I invited people I was interested in for one reason or another to participate,” Menjivar said. “With each photograph, there is a little bit of information about the owner – just enough to be a starting place for the imagination.”


Left: The fridge of a midwife and high school science teacher in 2008, one week after deciding to eat all local produce. Right: 4 years later.



Left: A bartender’s fridge in 2008. Right: The fridge of the same bartender minus 100 pounds, 4 years later.



Left: The fridge of a marketing professional and documentary filmmaker in 2008. Right: 4 years later.

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EmmyWhat Your Refrigerator Says About You

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