Sushi (Is) In Fashion

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The sushi craze is not showing signs of diminishing (thank goodness, I am a BIG sushi fan). In fact, I see sushi restaurants popping up around me all the time. Sushi is everywhere. Now, it can also be on your hands (well, technically nails) and feet!

Sushi Nail Art

Last week the internet (almost) exploded with sushi nail art. The Wall Street Journal claimed it was a new trend in Japan. ModernFarmer pointed out that sushi nail art was nothing new (apparently it’s been happening on beauty blogs for years), and a couple of photos of sushi nail art made by a couple of Japanese girls does not a new Japanese trend make. Now I don’t know who is right, but with all the blogs reporting about it, it probably is a new Japanese trend now. And so it should be. Just check out all these cute sushi nails – kawaii!

sushi nail art

sushi nail art 2

Sushi Socks

If sushi on your hands is not enough, you can also show your love for sushi with your feet. When rolled up, the sushi socks look just like yummy sushi. The sushi details are not printed on the socks, but they are knitted into the sock with coloured thread. You can buy seven versions (to create your own sushi platter in your sock drawer): Masuzushi (trout sushi), Shrimp, Octopus, Red Caviar, Tuna, Salmon, and Egg. If they are not out of stock already, you can get these adorable sushi socks online.





Sushi nail art – yes or no? And would you buy the sushi socks? Did you see these sushi cats? Let us know & leave a comment!


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