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Pizza Hut’s Pizza Cats Are Kawaii

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So, Pizza Hut Japan has decided to team up with cats. Why? Because it is Pizza Hut Japan, and they are behind some crazy stuff (pizza with mayo & broccoli for instance). This time they have hired some cats to run their franchise. As you can see in the videos, the Pizza Cats are awesome at cleaning the place, working the registry, coordinating the deliveries, and looking super kawaii in their little uniforms. Sure, they might get a hairball or two on your pizza, but THEY ARE JUST SO CUTE.

Pizza Hut Pizza Cats Videos

The Pizza Cats are not only in charge of Pizza Hut Japan, they are also in charge of the internets since they are popping up all over the place! Well played, Pizza Hut Japan, well played (not so crazy after all, eh). I just pray that the Pizza Cats never get opposable thumbs…


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EmmyPizza Hut’s Pizza Cats Are Kawaii

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