Misfortune Cookies For The Brave

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Fortune cookies often come with your Chinese takeaway meal. These somewhat flavourless cookies are made from flour, sugar, vanilla, and sesame seed oil. Inside the fortune cookie is a piece of paper containing words of wisdom or some vague prophecy.

Not in the mood for clichéd words of wisdom? Do you want your cookie to tell it like it is, straight to your face and with no holds barred? Let us introduce you to Misfortune Cookies! These cookies keep it real and are a little bit mean. Inside are messages like “Everyone you know wishes they hadn’t met you. Avoid the following colours: Red, Blue, Green (and any mixture of those)” and “Right now is the best you’re ever going to feel. Misery awaits. Give up. Your lucky animal is the Horsehair Worm.” Face the brutal truth with Firebox’s Misfortune Cookies!

Did you cook a Chinese feast for your friends? Hand out the Misfortune Cookies after the meal. I am sure they will be surprised (and a little bit depressed)!

WARNING: Don’t eat Misfortune Cookies if you are depressed, have low self-esteem or if you get offended easily! Only consume if you can face the brutal truth!

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EmmyMisfortune Cookies For The Brave

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