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Cupcakes Song

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Perhaps you have never heard of Patrice Wilson, but I am sure you know at least one of the songs he has produced. Who can forget the infamous Rebecca Black song “Friday” (No, like, seriously. If you were able to forget it, get in touch. I would love to know how you did that)? Other musical gems by Wilson are “It’s Thanksgiving” and “Chinese Food”.

Wilson’s latest song is all about cupcakes. And it has everything a Wilson song should have. Superb lyrics, angelic vocals by singer Gina Naomi Baez, and wicked dance moves. Oh, and this adorable dog (Tinkerbelle) is in it too:

Cupcakes Dog

Cupcakes Video

Oh, and if you LOVE cupcakes as much as the girl in the picture below, then you must check out our delicious Cupcake Recipes!



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