Amazing Food Art We Have Seen This Week

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As a food blogger, I have seen some amazing food art online. Take a look at some of the awesome food art I saw online this week, including incredible photorealist food paintings, M&M paintings, and ketchup bottles made from stone.

Incredible Photorealist Food Paintings: Doug Bloodworth

Photorealist painter Doug Bloodworth is crazy talented. The Florida painter likes to paint vintage snacks combined with old-school comic books. The oil-based paintings take Doug more than two months to complete. The end result is astonishing. When I first saw the Spiderman & Oreo cookies painting, I thought I was looking at a photo. The details are insane! Check it out:

Spiderman & Oreos Bloodworth

Silver Surfer & Crisps Bloodworth

Newspaper & Candy Bloodworth

Teeny Tiny Landscape Paintings on Food: Hasan Kale

Turkish artist Hasan Kale likes to paint teeny tiny landscapes of his native Istanbul on small food items, such as M&Ms, almonds, peanut shells etc… These amazing micro paintings are worthy of any gallery, however they don’t seem to have such a long shelf life…

M&Ms Kale

Almonds Kale

Awesome Food Sculptures: Robin Antar

Artist Robin Antar makes awesome food sculptures from stone. All of her sculptures start out as a large piece of stone. Using a technique she created 20 years ago, Robin chisels and carves the stone until it looks as real as possible. For the finishing touch, she then adds labels and/or paint to her sculptures:

Antar Bottles

Antar Oreos

Antar Ketchup

What artist are you most impressed with? Let us know & leave a comment!


EmmyAmazing Food Art We Have Seen This Week

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