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The $900 Birthday Cupcake

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Yes, you read that right, a $900(!!!) cupcake. Lisa Sanguadolce, owner of Le Dolci bakery in Toronto, made this outrageously expensive cupcake for the birthday of her client’s wife. What made it so expensive? Let’s take a look at the ingredient list!

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This is what’s in a $900 cupcake:

  • Pastry cream filling flavoured with champagne ($1000 per bottle champagne)
  • Buttercream frosting made with butter from Normandy
  • Chocolate from luxury Italian chocolatiers
  • Speciality coffee
  • French sea salt
  • Organic cane sugar
  • Tahitian vanilla beans
  • Small champagne bubbles, made using molecular gastronomy
  • Sugar “diamonds”
  • Edible gold fondant flowers, branches and leaves
  • Pipette filled with Courvoisier cognac

Sanguadolce did not create this extravagant cupcake all by herself. No, it was created by a team of two pastry chefs and a cake designer, who worked on it for 2 days. I wonder how long it took for the wife to eat it all…

The Most Expensive Cupcake

Surprisingly, this is not the most expensive cupcake ever made. The Rox Diamond Cupcake, created to honour the annual Glam in the City event in Scotland, was covered with real diamonds and was worth over $150.000. Can’t imagine it was enjoyable to eat though, those diamonds would wreak havoc on your teeth and picking them off one by one would be messy…

Rox Diamond Cupcake

So, the super lavish cupcake. A waste of money or a cute gift from a husband to his wife? Let us know & leave a comment!


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