8 Refreshing Summer Beers to make a BBQ complete!

8 Refreshing Summer Beers

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A couple of days ago we posted some excellent BBQ Tips & Tricks to help you throw the best BBQ parties this summer. But what is a good BBQ without a nice, cold glass of beer? Forget about the regular beer brands for a second, and let us introduce you to 8 deliciously refreshing summer beers!

Refreshing Summer Beer Lindemans Kriek Belgian BeerLindemans Kriek

Kriek is a classic style of Belgian beer. Lindemans flavours lambiek (a sour and dry beer, traditionally brewed in the Pajottenland region of Belgium) with fresh, unsweetened cherry juice. The cherry juice makes this beer smell and taste just like summer. It is a bit tart, but not too sour. Serve it as an aperitif or use it to make a Kriek ice cream float!

Refreshing Summer Beer Liefmans Fruitesse Belgian BeerLiefmans Fruitesse

Now, I like to drink fruit flavoured beer all year round. However, these beers are particularly tasty when you drink them on a hot summer day. My all-time favourite fruit beer is Liefmans Fruitesse. This Belgian beer is bubbly and packed with fresh, fruity flavours. Its intense flavour comes from a mix of strawberries, raspberries, black cherries, elderberries and blueberries. Yum! Excuse me while I run to the fridge to get one.

Refreshing Summer Beer Fosters RadlerFoster’s Radler Cloudy Lemon

Lemon juice is a great thirst quencher. Australian beer brand Foster’s makes a delicious Radler. A Radler is a beer-based mixed drink that’s very popular in German-speaking regions. Foster’s Radler combines the refreshing taste of lemon with lager, making this the perfect beer to hold in your left hand while your right hand is grilling a steak on the barbie!

Refreshing Summer Beer Desperados Dutch BeerDesperados

This beer (or also called speer) is a spirit beer. It combines fresh notes of lemon and tequila with golden and slightly bitter beer. It’s a bit on the sweet side, but very refreshing overall. It used to be brewed by French brewery Fischer, but the Dutch brewing company Heineken now holds the distribution rights. While beer snobs usually only have bad things to say about this beer, it is incredibly popular and it is now sold in over 50 countries.

Refreshing Summer Beer Dead Crow Rum BeerDead Crow Rum Beer

Also a spirit beer, Dead Crow Rum Beer combines (you probably guessed it already) rum flavour with beer. It has a light beer base, and the rum flavour gives it a refreshingly sweet and exotic Cuban twist. SHS Drinks brand Dead Crow also has a Bourbon flavoured beer, which is tasty but not as summery as the rum version.

Refreshing Summer Beer Corona Extra Mexican BeerCorona Extra

Brewed in Mexico, this fermented pilsner-type lager is incredibly popular. It is sold in more than 160 countries and apparently it is the favourite beer of Facebookers. Corona Extra is a very light beer and it is generally considered to be a summer beer. Serve it with a wedge of lime, preferably on a beach somewhere in Mexico.


Hoegaarden White Beer

The village of Hoegaarden (Belgium) has been brewing white beers since the Middle Ages, so they know what they are doing. Hoegaarden White Beer (first brewed in 1445!) is spiced with coriander and orange peel, making it a bit fruity and citrusy. It is a light beer and it is therefore a great beginner’s beer.

Refreshing Summer Beer Fuller's Organic Honey Dew Golden BeerFuller’s Organic Honey Dew Golden Beer

If you are environmentally conscious, Fuller’s Organic Honey Dew Golden Beer is the beer for you! This golden ale is brewed with all organic ingredients. This sweet beer is very popular in the UK. In fact, it is the UK’s best-selling organic beer! The organic honey in the brew makes it a sweet beer, but it also has a zesty edge.


Do you have a favourite summer beer? Let us know & leave a comment!



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