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As you might have already seen, we’re giving a brand new look. It takes some time, because we’ve glued two sites together. At this moment we’re adding a lot of Chinese recipes to our website. It’s all still under construction, but all Chinese recipes are visible on our website, and they are ready to be used on your tablet in the kitchen. In time we will also add lots of other recipes from other cuisines, and a search bar, so you can easily browse through all recipes on our website.

Are you hungry for Chinese food? Then scroll through our Chinese recipes, and create your own Chinese dish! And as promised, soon we will have lots of other recipes!

Don’t enjoy cooking? Order your Chinese food via

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Chinese Takeaway Boxes Are Plates

Chinese Takeaway Boxes Are Plates???

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Do you order Chinese takeaway a lot? Do you often mess about with the containers, making a mess of yourself and everything and everyone around you? Don’t despair! It turns out that Chinese takeaway boxes also unfold into plates! Foodbeast shows us how you can eat your Chinese takeaway like a boss:

Were you completely stunned by this discovery (like we were) and did it change your life forever? Or are you just meh about the whole thing? Let us know in the comments! Order your Chinese food via

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EmmyChinese Takeaway Boxes Are Plates???
pizza cat

Pizza Hut’s Pizza Cats Are Kawaii

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So, Pizza Hut Japan has decided to team up with cats. Why? Because it is Pizza Hut Japan, and they are behind some crazy stuff (pizza with mayo & broccoli for instance). This time they have hired some cats to run their franchise. As you can see in the videos, the Pizza Cats are awesome at cleaning the place, working the registry, coordinating the deliveries, and looking super kawaii in their little uniforms. Sure, they might get a hairball or two on your pizza, but THEY ARE JUST SO CUTE.

Pizza Hut Pizza Cats Videos

The Pizza Cats are not only in charge of Pizza Hut Japan, they are also in charge of the internets since they are popping up all over the place! Well played, Pizza Hut Japan, well played (not so crazy after all, eh). I just pray that the Pizza Cats never get opposable thumbs…


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gina cupcakes

Cupcakes Song

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Perhaps you have never heard of Patrice Wilson, but I am sure you know at least one of the songs he has produced. Who can forget the infamous Rebecca Black song “Friday” (No, like, seriously. If you were able to forget it, get in touch. I would love to know how you did that)? Other musical gems by Wilson are “It’s Thanksgiving” and “Chinese Food”.

Wilson’s latest song is all about cupcakes. And it has everything a Wilson song should have. Superb lyrics, angelic vocals by singer Gina Naomi Baez, and wicked dance moves. Oh, and this adorable dog (Tinkerbelle) is in it too:

Cupcakes Dog

Cupcakes Video

Oh, and if you LOVE cupcakes as much as the girl in the picture below, then you must check out our delicious Cupcake Recipes!



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Sushi (Is) In Fashion

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The sushi craze is not showing signs of diminishing (thank goodness, I am a BIG sushi fan). In fact, I see sushi restaurants popping up around me all the time. Sushi is everywhere. Now, it can also be on your hands (well, technically nails) and feet!

Sushi Nail Art

Last week the internet (almost) exploded with sushi nail art. The Wall Street Journal claimed it was a new trend in Japan. ModernFarmer pointed out that sushi nail art was nothing new (apparently it’s been happening on beauty blogs for years), and a couple of photos of sushi nail art made by a couple of Japanese girls does not a new Japanese trend make. Now I don’t know who is right, but with all the blogs reporting about it, it probably is a new Japanese trend now. And so it should be. Just check out all these cute sushi nails – kawaii!

sushi nail art

sushi nail art 2

Sushi Socks

If sushi on your hands is not enough, you can also show your love for sushi with your feet. When rolled up, the sushi socks look just like yummy sushi. The sushi details are not printed on the socks, but they are knitted into the sock with coloured thread. You can buy seven versions (to create your own sushi platter in your sock drawer): Masuzushi (trout sushi), Shrimp, Octopus, Red Caviar, Tuna, Salmon, and Egg. If they are not out of stock already, you can get these adorable sushi socks online.





Sushi nail art – yes or no? And would you buy the sushi socks? Did you see these sushi cats? Let us know & leave a comment!


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expensive cupcake1

The $900 Birthday Cupcake

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Yes, you read that right, a $900(!!!) cupcake. Lisa Sanguadolce, owner of Le Dolci bakery in Toronto, made this outrageously expensive cupcake for the birthday of her client’s wife. What made it so expensive? Let’s take a look at the ingredient list!

Expensive cupcake2

This is what’s in a $900 cupcake:

  • Pastry cream filling flavoured with champagne ($1000 per bottle champagne)
  • Buttercream frosting made with butter from Normandy
  • Chocolate from luxury Italian chocolatiers
  • Speciality coffee
  • French sea salt
  • Organic cane sugar
  • Tahitian vanilla beans
  • Small champagne bubbles, made using molecular gastronomy
  • Sugar “diamonds”
  • Edible gold fondant flowers, branches and leaves
  • Pipette filled with Courvoisier cognac

Sanguadolce did not create this extravagant cupcake all by herself. No, it was created by a team of two pastry chefs and a cake designer, who worked on it for 2 days. I wonder how long it took for the wife to eat it all…

The Most Expensive Cupcake

Surprisingly, this is not the most expensive cupcake ever made. The Rox Diamond Cupcake, created to honour the annual Glam in the City event in Scotland, was covered with real diamonds and was worth over $150.000. Can’t imagine it was enjoyable to eat though, those diamonds would wreak havoc on your teeth and picking them off one by one would be messy…

Rox Diamond Cupcake

So, the super lavish cupcake. A waste of money or a cute gift from a husband to his wife? Let us know & leave a comment!


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EmmyThe $900 Birthday Cupcake
chocolate mill

Watch: Hypnotizing Chocolate Mill Video

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Together with chocolatier Rafael Mutter, Dutch designers from Studio Wieki Somers created this awesome chocolate “mill”. Watch how the blade shaves away layers of chocolate, revealing intricate patterns and creating a hypnotizing kaleidoscopic effect!

Chocolate Mill from Wieki Somers on Vimeo.

The chocolate mill is part of the confrontations exhibition at the Vitra Design Museum, which strives to show the continuing relevance of Gerrit Rietveld’s oeuvre. Gerrit Rietveld was a famous Dutch furniture designer and architect known for his Red and Blue Chair and the Rietveld Schröder House.

I liked the video, save for one thing… I saw chocolate shavings on the floor… On the floor!!! Say what??? What did you think of the chocolate mill? Cool art or meh?


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EmmyWatch: Hypnotizing Chocolate Mill Video

What’s The Difference: Baking Soda & Baking Powder

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If you have done a lot of baking, you have probably come across these typical baking ingredients: baking soda and baking powder. Both are leavening agents, but can you substitute one for the other? What’s the difference between baking powder and baking soda? explains.

Baking Soda

Baking-SodaBaking soda consists of pure sodium bicarbonate, a chemical with a high pH. If you add an acidic ingredient (for example yoghurt, chocolate, buttermilk etc…) and moisture to baking soda, a chemical reaction will occur. Bubbles of carbon dioxide are produced. These bubbles will expand under oven temperatures, causing your yummy baked goods to rise. Baking soda can taste a bit bitter, unless it is countered by the acidity of another ingredient. This leavening agent is a common ingredient in cookie recipes.

Baking Powder

Baking-PowderBaking powder contains sodium bicarbonate, as well as an acidic ingredient (usually cream of tartar) and a drying agent (usually starch). Single-acting baking powder is activated by moisture, which means you need to get baking as soon as you have mixed the ingredients together. Double-acting baking powder knows two stages. It will react when mixed with other ingredients, but the majority of the gas is released when the dough’s temperature increases in the oven. This means double-acting baking powder can stand a while after being mixed with other ingredients. Baking powder tastes pretty neutral, it is not as bitter as baking soda. You’ll usually find baking powder in cake and biscuit recipes.

Substituting Baking Soda & Baking Powder in Recipes

Can you substitute baking powder in place of baking soda? Yup. You just need to use a bit more baking powder. This may affect the taste. Can you substitute baking soda in place of baking powder? Nope. Remember, baking soda does not contain an acidic ingredient (like baking powder) to make it rise. But if your recipe calls for baking powder and all you have is baking soda, you can make your own baking powder. All you need is some cream of tartar. Two parts of cream of tartar + one part of baking soda = homemade baking powder.

Have you ever confused baking powder with baking soda and vice versa (I have!)? Let us know & leave a comment!


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EmmyWhat’s The Difference: Baking Soda & Baking Powder
LA Beast Watermelon

Video: The L.A. Beast & His Watermelon

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Watch professional competitive eater L.A. Beast of YouTube and Tosh.O fame consume an entire water melon, rind and all. Why would he do that? Well, because he freaking can! Why watch the video? Because you freaking can! Honestly, I am not sure you should. It’s kind of like watching a train wreck. You know you should probably not watch, you know it will make you feel bad about yourself and the world, but somehow you just keep watching…

Some of the L.A. beast’s other noteworthy accomplishments:

  • Debut Ranking of #16 in the international federation of competitive eating
  • Big Daddy’s Dogs Wiener Champion
  • Several clogged arteries (yikes)

Competitive eating, crazy or incredibly crazy? Let us know & leave a comment!



EmmyVideo: The L.A. Beast & His Watermelon
Moomin Cafe

The Many Animal Cafés in Japan

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Drinking coffee and petting cats at the same time? It is all possible in Japan! Cat cafés are so popular in Japan that in just Tokyo there are more than 39 of these cafés located. But Japan didn’t stop at cat cafés. Of course not. We are talking about Japan here! Animal cafés are popping up all over the place. Some are home to other pet animals, while others prefer more exotic creatures. Let’s take a look at some of the animal cafés Japan is home to!

The Cat Café

Japan was actually not the first country to introduce the cat café to the world. That honour goes to Taiwan. Here the world’s first cat café opened in 1998. That café became famous in Japan, inspiring the opening of Japan’s first cat café in Osaka in 2004. Why are these cafés so popular? Well, first of all: KITTIES!!! Also, many apartments in Japan don’t allow pets. So, to get some relaxing cuddling time with furry felines, your best option is to go to one of these cafés.

Worried about the cats’ wellbeing? You will be happy to learn that every cat café needs to have a license and it needs to comply with the requirements and regulations of the Animal Treatment/Protection Law. So, strict rules are in place to ensure cleanliness and animal welfare.

The huge success of Japan’s cat cafés has inspired people from other countries to open their own cat café. You can now find cat cafés all over the world (Korea, Malaysia, Bangkok, Singapore, United Arab Emirates (Dubai), Austria, UK, Hungary, Germany, Spain, France, Lithuania, Italy, the Netherlands, USA, Canada, Australia)!!!

There are many types of cat cafés. Some cafés only have black cats, while others are dedicated to fat cats. My favourite so far is Temari no Ouchi. Its unique décor reminds me of fairytales and fantasy lands…

Temari no Ouchi 2 Temari no Ouchi 1

The Bunny Café

They must have thought, what other animal is cute, cuddly and fury that we can drink coffee with? Japan’s answer? The bunny café! Bunny cafés started to take off in 2012. You can actually buy rabbits at some of these cafés (making it a pet shop and coffee shop in one). Bunny Cafés can’t be found on every street corner in Japan, but there is definitely more than one! Popular are Café Rabbi, Ra.a.g.f. (Rabbit and grow fat), and Wonderland.

Bunny Cafe 1 Bunny Cafe 2

The Owl Café

You can blame the success of the Harry Potter franchise for this one. Yes, owl cafés are a thing in Japan. As in, there is more than one. Some owl cafés serve owl inspired snacks and some cafés allow you to handle the animals. I must say, I am more comfortable with cat and bunny cafés than with owl cafés. Owls are pretty, but their beaks and talons are pretty sharp… Also, I much rather see an owl in the wild than in a café…

owl cafe 2 Owl Cafe 1

The Penguin Bar

Yes. It can get crazier than owl cafés. Case in point: penguin bars. There are at least 4 penguin bars in Japan. These cafés feature live penguins that are behind glass. During feeding time, patrons can feed the penguins. Now, I do find penguins cute with their waddling and all, but (like owls) I prefer to see them in the wild, on TV in the wild, or the zoo (I also have mixed feelings about zoos, but that’s a discussion for another time). Plus, watching penguins feed will probably spoil your appetite…

Penguin Bar 2 Penguin Bar 1

The Stuffed Animal Café

Not in the mood for live animals to accompany you during lunch? How about stuffed animals? At Tokyo’s Moomin House Café, lone patrons dine with a Moomin (a stuffed white hippo-like character created by Finish writer and illustrator Tove Jansson). Why, you ask? Well, to keep you safe from the awkwardness that is dining solo, of course. Dining with a Moomin is much more preferable than dining alone. Duh.

Moomin Cafe 2

Have you ever been to an animal café in Japan? Let us know & leave a comment!


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EmmyThe Many Animal Cafés in Japan
Inglorious fruits vegetables

A Glorious Fight Against Food Waste: Inglorious Fruits and Vegetables

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According to the World Bank, 1/4 to 1/3 of all food produced for human consumption is lost or wasted. Of that produce, a lot is wasted by the consumer. However, farmers and supermarkets waste food as well. A lot of fruit and veggies get thrown away for being too ugly. It sounds like a ridiculous reason, but I must admit that when I buy fruit I usually go for the pretty looking produce. But European supermarket chain Intermarché wants to change all that with their genius print, film, poster, and radio campaign against food waste: the Inglorious Fruits and Vegetables!

Food Waste Infographic Worldbank

Intermarché wants to celebrate the beauty of the Grotesque Apple, the Ridiculous Potato, the Hideous Orange, the Failed Lemon, the Disfigured Eggplant, the Ugly Carrot, and the Unfortunate Clementine. In the video (see below) it is stated that farmers throw away 300 million tons of food away each year, food that is perfectly fine to eat but does not fit the norm.


The year 2014 is the European Year Against Food Waste, so Intermarché decided to help spread the word. First they bought the produce from the farmers that is usually thrown away. This “ugly” or inglorious produce was sold in Intermarché stores, where they got their own aisle and labels. They also made soups and fruit juices from the “ugly” produce, so people would realise the taste and quality would be the same as the “pretty” produce. This approach worked perfectly. In fact, the Inglorious Fruits and Vegetables even sold out! During the first 2 days of the campaign, 1.2 tons was sold per store and there was a 24% overall store traffic increase.

This clever campaign by Intermarché didn’t only increase awareness about food waste, it also gave people an opportunity to buy fresh produce at a lower cost. We are always encouraged to eat our 5 a day, but that can be difficult to achieve if you are on a budget. However, the Inglorious Fruits and Vegetables were sold 30% cheaper than the “pretty” produce, giving poorer families a chance at their 5 a day too.

Since Intermarché’s campaign was such a huge success, there is talk that other supermarket chains will follow. What do you think of Intermarché’s food waste campaign? Would you buy Inglorious Fruits and Vegetables?


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EmmyA Glorious Fight Against Food Waste: Inglorious Fruits and Vegetables
cupcake cases

Genius: Edible Cupcake Wrappers from Dr. Oetker

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Imagine eating a delicious carrot cupcake with a yummy cream cheese topping. Imagine it being so scrumptious that you can’t hold back and your next bite includes some icky paper. Or worse, you can’t manage to eat every last crumb because some of it sticks to said icky paper. Those days are now over! Let us introduce you to Dr. Oetker’s Edible Wafer Cupcake Cases.


The handy cupcake cases come in a pack of six. Each pack contains three pink and three blue cases. And yes, they are completely edible, but also gluten free, vegan and bake stable! This means that you don’t even need a cupcake tray anymore. Simply pour the cupcake batter in the case, put the cupcake on a baking sheet, and put the baking sheet in the oven. That’s it! You can now devour the entire cupcake, without having to worry about crumb-loss or pasty paper in your mouth. Woohoo!

Right now, Dr. Oetker’s Edible Wafer Cupcake Cases are only available in the UK, but you can check their Facebook page to see when they will be available in your country.

Hungry for cupcakes (you: always)? We will post some tasty cupcake recipes soon!

Let your friends know about these awesome cupcakes wrappers!

EmmyGenius: Edible Cupcake Wrappers from Dr. Oetker

Amazing Food Art We Have Seen This Week

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As a food blogger, I have seen some amazing food art online. Take a look at some of the awesome food art I saw online this week, including incredible photorealist food paintings, M&M paintings, and ketchup bottles made from stone.

Incredible Photorealist Food Paintings: Doug Bloodworth

Photorealist painter Doug Bloodworth is crazy talented. The Florida painter likes to paint vintage snacks combined with old-school comic books. The oil-based paintings take Doug more than two months to complete. The end result is astonishing. When I first saw the Spiderman & Oreo cookies painting, I thought I was looking at a photo. The details are insane! Check it out:

Spiderman & Oreos Bloodworth

Silver Surfer & Crisps Bloodworth

Newspaper & Candy Bloodworth

Teeny Tiny Landscape Paintings on Food: Hasan Kale

Turkish artist Hasan Kale likes to paint teeny tiny landscapes of his native Istanbul on small food items, such as M&Ms, almonds, peanut shells etc… These amazing micro paintings are worthy of any gallery, however they don’t seem to have such a long shelf life…

M&Ms Kale

Almonds Kale

Awesome Food Sculptures: Robin Antar

Artist Robin Antar makes awesome food sculptures from stone. All of her sculptures start out as a large piece of stone. Using a technique she created 20 years ago, Robin chisels and carves the stone until it looks as real as possible. For the finishing touch, she then adds labels and/or paint to her sculptures:

Antar Bottles

Antar Oreos

Antar Ketchup

What artist are you most impressed with? Let us know & leave a comment!


EmmyAmazing Food Art We Have Seen This Week

Watch As 1000 People Eat 1000 Ghost Chili Peppers

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Besides watching cute cat videos online, I also love watching videos online of people eating extremely hot peppers. I find it hilarious. Is that weird? Anyways, Danish entertainer Claus Pilgaard, known as Chili Klaus, is famous for his chilli eating videos on YouTube. He has eaten some of the world’s strongest chillies with various Danish celebs. Last week Chili Klaus thought it would be rather fun to videotape 1000 people eating a ghost chili pepper. Check out the video below to see if he was right!

The ghost chili pepper’s official name is the bhut jolokia. It is cultivated in the Indian states of Assam, Nagaland and Manipur. In 2007, the chilli ghost pepper earned a spot in the Guinness Book of Records as the world’s hottest chilli pepper. The pepper is rated at more than 1 million Scoville heat unites (SHUs). For comparison, the ghost chili is 401.5 times hotter than Tabasco sauce. That’s hot!!!

However, since 2012 the ghost pepper is no longer the hottest pepper in the world. It was superseded by the Trinidad moruga scorpion, which was dethroned in 2013 by the Carolina Reaper. It’s still pretty hot, though.

What’s the hottest pepper you have ever eaten? Let us know & leave a comment!


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EmmyWatch As 1000 People Eat 1000 Ghost Chili Peppers

Essential Bar Tools to Make Delicious Summer Cocktails

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Summer is in the air, so it’s summer cocktail time! We will be posting a lot of yummy summer cocktail recipes for you to enjoy while soaking up some rays. To make some of these cocktails, you need special bar equipment. Every cocktail aficionado should own the following must-have bar tools to make your own delicious cocktails:


You use a shaker to mix beverages together. The shaker is a key cocktail tool if you want to make delicious cocktails like a Cosmopolitan or an Appletini. There are at least 3 different cocktail shakers:

* Boston-ShakerThe Boston Shaker

This is a two-piece shaker that consists of a metal bottom and a mixing glass. To shake, you need to insert the mixing container and bottom into each other. You can use them separately for stirring or muddling (more on that later). The Boston Shaker does not have a built-in strainer.

* Cobbler-ShakerThe Cobbler Shaker

This is a 3-piece shaker with a built-in strainer. It has tapers at the top and ends and it has a handy cap that can be used to measure liquids.

* The French Shaker

French-ShakerThis is a 2-piece shaker that consists of a metal bottom and a metal cap. It does not have a built-in strainer.


If you own a shaker that does not have a built-in strainer, you should probably buy one. A strainer is a type of sieve. It is used to remove ice from a mixed drink. You place the strainer over the mouth of the shaker, and then you pour the liquid into a glass. The small holes in the strainer will make sure that the ice (or other ingredients) stays in the shaker. There are 2 types of strainers:

* Hawthorne-StrainerThe Hawthorne Strainer

This strainer consists of a disc (the rim) with a handle, two or more prongs, and a metal spring fixed around the edge of the rim. The metal spring rolls inward to fit inside the glass and it filters out the ice.

* The Julep Strainer

Julep-StrainerThis strainer looks like a bowl with a handle. The bowl has holes or slits so the liquid can pass through it without chunks of ice.


The jigger is a measuring tool. Traditionally it is made of stainless steel. It consists of 2 unequal sized opposing cones. Usually one cone measures a single shot (generally 44ml) and the other measures a multiple (or fraction) of a single shot.

Bar-SpoonBar Spoon

A bar spoon makes stirring and mixing your cocktails a lot easier than a regular spoon, because its length ensures that you can reach the bottom of almost any glass. It holds about the same amount of liquid as a teaspoon, so it can be used to measure liquids as well.


A muddler is used to mash or muddle fruits, herbs and spices directly in the bottom of a glass for optimal flavour. You can’t make a good Caipirinha without muddling the lime wedges in the glass. Other popular cocktails that require the use of a muddler are the Mojito, Caipiroska, and Mint Julep.

Do you often make cocktails? Do you own any of these bar accessories? Let us know & leave a comment!


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EmmyEssential Bar Tools to Make Delicious Summer Cocktails
Orange is the New Black The Cookbook

Awesome TV & Movie Cookbooks

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Recently I read that one of my favourite TV shows (Orange is The New Black) has spawned an actual cookbook. Turns out that there are a lot of cookbooks inspired by TV shows and movies! Check out these awesome culinary odes to the big and small screen right here:

  • </p><h4>Orange is the New Black: The Cookbook</h4><p>Popular Netflix series Orange is the New Black takes place inside a prison. So, one might worry a little what kind of recipes are in the cookbook. After all, prison food is not known for its yumminess. However, if you are a big fan of this prison drama, this cookbook may be worth your while. It includes 100+ photos from the show that highlight memorable moments, 65 tasty recipes and 20 sidebars that expand upon the fiction of the show. Available October 2014.</p><p>Recipe examples: Red’s Chicken Kiev, Miss Claudette’s Coconut Cake, Prison Punch.
  • </p><h4>True Blood: Eats, Drinks, and Bites from Bon Temps</h4><p>Yes, vampires don’t eat…not exactly. But the werewolves, fairies and telepaths of Southern rural town Bon Temps do! The recipes of this cookbook are inspired by Southern food, the kind that you would find when you stroll into Merlotte’s or Sookie Stackhouse’s kitchen. It includes funny quotes by characters of the show, photos & anecdotes, and 82 yummy recipes.</p><p>Recipe examples: Sloppy Jason by Jason Stackhouse, Brujo Burger by Lafayette Reynolds, Last Rites Pecan Pie (Gran’s Pie!!!) by Tara Thornton.
  • </p><h4>The Unofficial Harry Potter Cookbook: From Cauldron Cakes to Knickerbocker Glory – More Than 150 Magical Recipes for Muggles and Wizards</h4><p>Whether you are a muggle or a wizard, the recipes in this cookbook will surely put a spell on you! This magical cookbook includes more than 150 recipes and cooking tips and techniques, inspired by the many tasty dishes that are mentioned in the famous Potter books.</p><p>Recipe examples: Treacle Tart (Harry’s favourite dessert), Mollie’s Meat Pies (Mrs. Weasley’s classic dish), Kreacher’s French Onion Soup.
  • </p><h4>A Feast of Ice and Fire: The Official Game of Thrones Companion Cookbook</h4><p>Bloggers, AGOT superfans, and amateur chefs Chelsea Monroe-Cassel and Sariann Lehrer are behind this delicious cookbook. Just like their blog, A Feast of Ice & Fire is packed with mouth-watering medieval meals that have been inspired by the popular books and HBO TV hit show. It contains more than 100 recipes, amazing food photos, and a foreword by the writer himself, George R. R. Martin. A must-have for every Games of Thrones fan!</p><p>Recipe examples: Beef and Bacon Pie from The North, Quails Drowned in Butter from King’s Landing, Tyroshi Honeyfingers from Across the Narrow Sea.
  • </p><h4>The Unofficial Hunger Games Cookbook</h4><p>Can’t get enough of Katniss, Peeta and Gale? If you are…let’s say…starving for more, this cookbook should be on your shelves. Sure, the poor people from District 12 don’t have a lot to eat, but they can make a mean game stew. And this cookbook doesn’t just feature recipes from the poorer districts; it also includes outrageously rich recipes from the Capitol!</p><p>Recipe examples: Gale’s Bone-Pickin’ Big Game Soup, Katniss’s Favourite Lamb Stew with Dried Plums, Capitol-Grade Dark Chocolate Cake.
  • </p><h4>Star Trek Cookbook</h4><p>Ever wanted to make an intergalactic meal? Neelix, chef for the U.S.S. Voyager, shares his tricks of the trade in this out-of-this-world cookbook. The book includes the favourite foods of characters from every Star Trek series, and it also features a guide to make all the drinks served at Quark’s.  A must-have for any die-hard Trekkie!</p><p>Recipe examples: Klingon Blood Pie, Pipius Claw, Peptide Cake

Do you own any of these cookbooks? What TV show or movie do you think should inspire a cookbook? Let us know & leave a comment!



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EmmyAwesome TV & Movie Cookbooks

Coriander: Love It or Hate It?

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There seems to be no middle ground when it comes to coriander (also known as cilantro). You either love it or hate it. I for one hate it…with a passion. I even subscribed to the official I Hate Cilantro Facebook page, a page that is liked by over 13.000 people (and I am sure that if more people knew of its existence, more people would subscribe).

To me, and many others, coriander tastes like soap. I know, I know. For the people that do like coriander it sounds ridiculous. But I can’t help but taste soapy yuckiness every time I eat a dish that has coriander in it. And trust me, I ALWAYS know when it has coriander in it. So, why is it that some people can only taste soap and others taste fresh, green and tasty herbiness (I don’t believe it)?

Research shows that it might be a genetic thing. It seems that some people possess a gene called OR6A2, which encodes a receptor that makes people sensitive to the aldehydes in coriander. Similar aldehydes can be found in soaps and lotions, hence why some people make the soap connection when they smell or taste the (vile) herb.

So, genetics may play a part in why you (or I) dislike coriander so much, but some people (NOT me) can learn to like the notorious herb. Jay Gottfried, a neuroscientist at Northwestern University, says that your brain can develop new patterns for coriander flavour if you just keep at it (I don’t want to). “I didn’t like cilantro to begin with,” Gottfried said. “But I love food, and I ate all kinds of things and I kept encountering it. My brain must have developed new patterns for cilantro flavour from those experiences, which included pleasure from the other flavours and the sharing with friends and family. That’s how people in cilantro-eating countries experience it every day.”

Do you hate or love coriander? If you are a hater, are you willing to keep on trying to eventually like it? Let us know & leave a comment!


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EmmyCoriander: Love It or Hate It?

What Your Refrigerator Says About You

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People say that the eyes are the window to the soul, but it appears that the refrigerator may be a close second. Forget about online personality tests and quizzes. If you really want to know more about a person, just take a look inside their fridge!

What your fridge says about you

You might be surprised how much you can learn about someone by just taking a peek at their refrigerator contents. But internetainers Rhett & Link have it all figured out… Rhett & Link are not the only ones that have discovered that refrigerators are more interesting than you might think. Photographer Mark Menjivar created a collection of refrigerator photos for his collection “You Are What You Eat”. Menjivar spent 4 years on the project, photographing more than 60 fridges throughout the United States. His intriguing collection has been displayed in museums and universities across the US. “I approached it as a portrait project, so I invited people I was interested in for one reason or another to participate,” Menjivar said. “With each photograph, there is a little bit of information about the owner – just enough to be a starting place for the imagination.”


Left: The fridge of a midwife and high school science teacher in 2008, one week after deciding to eat all local produce. Right: 4 years later.



Left: A bartender’s fridge in 2008. Right: The fridge of the same bartender minus 100 pounds, 4 years later.



Left: The fridge of a marketing professional and documentary filmmaker in 2008. Right: 4 years later.

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What is gluten? Is it really bad for you?

What is Gluten?

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Nowadays, many people are following a gluten-free diet. Some don’t eat gluten for medical reasons. People with coeliac disease for instance. Others just don’t eat it because they were told by health magazines or friends that gluten is bad for you. But what is gluten, anyway? And is it really bad for you?

So, What is Gluten?

“Gluten’s a vague term.  It’s something that’s used to categorise things that are bad. You know, calories, that’s a gluten. Fat, that’s a gluten.” So says Seth Rogen as Seth Rogen in the (I think hilarious) movie This is the End. And Seth Rogen is not the only one that is a little confused when it comes to gluten. Recently Jimmy Kimmel asked people at a popular exercise spot in LA what gluten is. Most had no idea, although they tried their hardest to come up with a good explanation.

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Simply put, gluten is a protein composite found in wheat and other related grains. It forms when proteins glutenin and gliadin cross-link. Gluten gives dough its elasticity and helps it rise. Bread flours are usually higher in gluten than pastry flours. Also, the more you knead dough, the higher in gluten it is, since kneading promotes the formation of gluten.

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Is Gluten Bad for You?

Well, this question is a bit trickier to answer. If you suffer from coeliac disease, yes, eating gluten should be avoided at all times. When people with coeliac disease eat gluten, they experience bloating, diarrhoea, nausea, tiredness and headaches. By eating gluten, their immune system reacts badly and this can lead to damages to the lining of the small intestine. If you think you have coeliac disease, you should talk to your doctor. A blood test and a gut biopsy can be done to find out if you have this disease.

If you think you have gluten sensitivity (which is different from coeliac’s), you can test this by eliminating gluten from your diet for a few weeks. Then you can gradually reintroduce it to your diet to see how your body responds. You may not have to eliminate gluten from your diet completely, but you may have to cut back.

A lot of fatty foods like pizzas and pastries contain gluten. Cut back on pizza, and you will surely lose weight.There are also a lot of people who don’t eat gluten because they want to lose weight. And some people do lose weight when cutting back on gluten. After all, a lot of fatty foods like pizzas and pastries contain gluten. Cut back on pizza, and you will surely lose weight. However, many gluten-free substitutes contain more sugar and more fat than their gluten-stuffed counterparts. Why? Because it makes them tastier! We may not be able to see gluten or know exactly what gluten is, but I can assure you that most will taste the difference between bread with gluten and bread without it…

Some people say that even if you do not have coeliac disease or gluten sensitivity, it is still a bad idea to eat gluten. They argue that today’s genetically modified wheat is over-processed and that’s why there are more people being diagnosed with coeliac disease and gluten sensitivity than ever. However, there is simply no conclusive research to support this theory. And if there are more people recorded with coeliac disease each year, couldn’t that also be due to the fact that people are simply better informed about the disease and that there are better detection methods than let’s say 40 years ago?

SAll recipes with this logo are 100% gluten free!ome studies have revealed that a completely gluten-free diet can cause a deficiency in iron, folate, thiamine, calcium, vitamin B12, and zinc. And unless you suffer from coeliac disease or gluten sensitivity, it seems to me that it is a better idea to just follow a more balanced diet than a completely gluten-free diet which is very hard to stick to. But hey, that’s just me. I tried to go without gluten once due to stomach issues, but it is sooo hard. Especially if you live in a country that worships the sandwich.

So, do you follow a gluten-free diet? If so, why do you avoid gluten? Let us know & leave a comment!


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8 Refreshing Summer Beers to make a BBQ complete!

8 Refreshing Summer Beers

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A couple of days ago we posted some excellent BBQ Tips & Tricks to help you throw the best BBQ parties this summer. But what is a good BBQ without a nice, cold glass of beer? Forget about the regular beer brands for a second, and let us introduce you to 8 deliciously refreshing summer beers!

Refreshing Summer Beer Lindemans Kriek Belgian BeerLindemans Kriek

Kriek is a classic style of Belgian beer. Lindemans flavours lambiek (a sour and dry beer, traditionally brewed in the Pajottenland region of Belgium) with fresh, unsweetened cherry juice. The cherry juice makes this beer smell and taste just like summer. It is a bit tart, but not too sour. Serve it as an aperitif or use it to make a Kriek ice cream float!

Refreshing Summer Beer Liefmans Fruitesse Belgian BeerLiefmans Fruitesse

Now, I like to drink fruit flavoured beer all year round. However, these beers are particularly tasty when you drink them on a hot summer day. My all-time favourite fruit beer is Liefmans Fruitesse. This Belgian beer is bubbly and packed with fresh, fruity flavours. Its intense flavour comes from a mix of strawberries, raspberries, black cherries, elderberries and blueberries. Yum! Excuse me while I run to the fridge to get one.

Refreshing Summer Beer Fosters RadlerFoster’s Radler Cloudy Lemon

Lemon juice is a great thirst quencher. Australian beer brand Foster’s makes a delicious Radler. A Radler is a beer-based mixed drink that’s very popular in German-speaking regions. Foster’s Radler combines the refreshing taste of lemon with lager, making this the perfect beer to hold in your left hand while your right hand is grilling a steak on the barbie!

Refreshing Summer Beer Desperados Dutch BeerDesperados

This beer (or also called speer) is a spirit beer. It combines fresh notes of lemon and tequila with golden and slightly bitter beer. It’s a bit on the sweet side, but very refreshing overall. It used to be brewed by French brewery Fischer, but the Dutch brewing company Heineken now holds the distribution rights. While beer snobs usually only have bad things to say about this beer, it is incredibly popular and it is now sold in over 50 countries.

Refreshing Summer Beer Dead Crow Rum BeerDead Crow Rum Beer

Also a spirit beer, Dead Crow Rum Beer combines (you probably guessed it already) rum flavour with beer. It has a light beer base, and the rum flavour gives it a refreshingly sweet and exotic Cuban twist. SHS Drinks brand Dead Crow also has a Bourbon flavoured beer, which is tasty but not as summery as the rum version.

Refreshing Summer Beer Corona Extra Mexican BeerCorona Extra

Brewed in Mexico, this fermented pilsner-type lager is incredibly popular. It is sold in more than 160 countries and apparently it is the favourite beer of Facebookers. Corona Extra is a very light beer and it is generally considered to be a summer beer. Serve it with a wedge of lime, preferably on a beach somewhere in Mexico.


Hoegaarden White Beer

The village of Hoegaarden (Belgium) has been brewing white beers since the Middle Ages, so they know what they are doing. Hoegaarden White Beer (first brewed in 1445!) is spiced with coriander and orange peel, making it a bit fruity and citrusy. It is a light beer and it is therefore a great beginner’s beer.

Refreshing Summer Beer Fuller's Organic Honey Dew Golden BeerFuller’s Organic Honey Dew Golden Beer

If you are environmentally conscious, Fuller’s Organic Honey Dew Golden Beer is the beer for you! This golden ale is brewed with all organic ingredients. This sweet beer is very popular in the UK. In fact, it is the UK’s best-selling organic beer! The organic honey in the brew makes it a sweet beer, but it also has a zesty edge.


Do you have a favourite summer beer? Let us know & leave a comment!



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